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Welcome to Complete Systems

As the name suggests, Complete Systems provides customers with complete cooling and heating solutions. Our total package covers every step of the installation process to ensure our customers always have piece of mind. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive three-stage air conditioner installation process:


Effective Design

Beginning with an effective design, one of our expert consultants will visit you at a time that is most convenient for you. They will work with you directly to create the cooling or heating solution that best suits your needs and at a competitive cost. Complete Systems only uses quality Daikin air conditioners, a world leader in air conditioning technology. Daikin air conditioning models offer an incredible amount of versatility. Whether you want to cool or heat an entire house, one room, or even different rooms at different times, one of our Complete Systems consultants will be able to meet your cooling or heating requirements thanks to the technology of Daikin air conditioning. Complete Systems conveniently offers online quotes. Even if you are not sure what kind of air conditioning you want, contact Complete Systems and one of our consultants will be happy to discuss possible cooling or heating solutions that are right for you.

Quality Installation

Once you are completely satisfied with the cooling or heating solution that Complete Systems has created, the next step is quality installation. Our technicians are expertly trained in all aspects of air conditioner installation and occupational health and safety. One of the many benefits of focusing exclusively on Daikin air conditioners is that our technicians are specialists in Daikin air conditioning technology. They have an intimate knowledge of all the models they work with and this ensures a quality installation that is reliable and safe for both customer and installer.

Complete Systems also understands how important a customer's home is. Our technicians will complete the air conditioner installation quickly, safely and efficiently with a minimum amount of intrusion and inconvenience to you.

Dependable Service

The last stage in purchasing a complete cooling or heating solution from Complete Systems is dependable service. Once the air conditioner installation process is complete you can be assured that Complete Systems will be on hand to provide dependable after care for an extended period of time (5 years on Daikin).

Complete Systems exceeds customer requirements by maintaining superior quality of system design, installation and service. We have been providing superior cooling and heating comfort to Melbourne customers for over twenty years; always with a focus on honesty, integrity and dependability while promoting a strict code of workplace safety and behaviour.


Founded in 1988 by brothers Robert and Brian Smith, Complete Systems Pty Ltd, is an air conditioning and heating specialist that is focused on the design, supply, installation and service of cooling and heating systems in Melbourne.

Our expertise has been developed over a period of 35 years in the industry, as second generation air conditioning specialists.

Our Mission

To provide superior comfort to our end users through a package of effective design, quality installation and dependable service of air conditioning and heating systems, while providing a healthy and safe working environment and secure future for our employees. To maintain our values of honesty, integrity and dependability and promote the strict code of workplace safety and behaviour




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